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Collection-based Section "Caballero Castle" to Open Soon

The network has decided to open a section dedicated to sharing Kris Caballero's personal collections, ranging from VHS to video games. No announcement on a set date, but it will be under the Blogs department. This series of posts will feature Kris' very own items he has collected over the years, and has continued to collect for fun and personal enjoyment.

The idea came when Kris reconnected with the YouTube channels he used to follow back as early as 2009. Seeing how much his favorites grew throughout the years, made him re-focus on the enjoyment he has had ever since. Collecting VHS tapes to old MS-DOS games, Kris continues to fulfill and satisfy his retro tastes he enjoyed during his youth. As a matter of fact, it also goes deeper than that:

I'm going to say it: The phrase "You will own nothing and be happy" bothers me. Even though technology and the internet has been a saving grace for most of our routine and daily tasks, there are things where I'm fine ownig a physical copy of. Moreso, most of today's content isn't as fun and enjoyable anymore, due to the hidden messages and propagandic gestures. Nevertheless, reasons for opening and sharing my personal collection were inspired by fellow YouTubers showing off their stuff (Unbox Therapy isn't one of them). Another is ever since we've opened the opportunity to review various items on this website, we want to encourage fans and everyone else to obtain physical copies of movies, TV shows, video games, music and more. As long as you have electricity, or solar-powered generators, you don't have to worry about lag, glitches, bandwidth disruptions, privacy issues or even platform outages. I want to take this chance to bring the message I've happily modified above: You SHALL own what you love and be happy. Owning is good; Owning is happiness.

Caballero Castle

Kris' excitement in sharing what he has garnered ever since he took collecting seriously since 2009 is very obvious, from his quoted comment above. He and the network hopes this will encourage those to pursue collecting and also stand proud for owning physical media and embracing entertainment offline. The biggest takeaway is no third-party company, big and small, will ever track you for your behavior no matter how much they swear on it.

This article has been written and posted on April 17, 2022


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