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Welch's Fruit Snacks - Mixed Fruit

Kris Caballero | May 17, 2024 | FOOD REVIEWS | 🗨 0

Excellent fruit snack for all ages! Includes some healthy vitamins with it, too!

Me and My RC Royal Crown Cola

Kris Caballero | Oct 24, 2021 | DRINK REVIEWS | 🗨 0

A humble brand with a humble taste of cola established back in 1905!

Karl•Lorimar Home Video: "Casino Gambling" starring David Brenner (1984)

Kris Caballero | May 31, 2024 | VHS REVIEWS | 🗨 0

Learning casino games couldn't be more fun than with the late, great comedian David Brenner!

"In The Year 2525" by Zager & Evans

A hit back in 1969, yet hints at what's going on today. Find out what the lyrics of this song talk about.

Hyperkin Retron Sq HD Gaming Console

A stand-alone console that plays Game Boy games on the big screen!

Sixth Set of Casino Fights

Kris Caballero | Jun 07, 2024 | CASINO TALK | 🗨 0

It never stops, does it? If it did, this sixth set wouldn't have been posted.

The NBA "Bubble": A Look Back

Kris Caballero | Jul 02, 2021 | TALKIN' NBA |

Overview of the NBA season in the "bubble," as well as diucussing its possible peek into the future.

Long Live DV Tapes

Praise be to the format whose convenience will forever be stamped in videomaking history.

TypeMatrix 2020 ortholinear ergonomic keyboard (JME-2020DE)

Reviewing one of the first ortholinear keyboards to ever grace the world of ergonomics!

Karen The Hypocrite

Kris Caballero | Nov 19, 2023 | ORIGINAL MEMES | 🗨 0

Oh Karen, your anger knows no bounds.

All About Garfield Comics

Our reasons for admiring a comic series based on the world's laziest cat.

Basset Hound Befriends Pot Belly Pig

When two adorable animals become friends, it's a recipe for smiling to happen.

Momentum Brands: Acrylic Note Board

Kris Caballero | Apr 29, 2024 | STATIONARY | 🗨 0

Not only displays your "to do" list nicely, but it can also hold your smartphone!