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Kentucky Fried Chicken®: Colonel's Chocolate Chip Cookie

This makes a great treat to give to a customer for being nice. What do you think, KFC?

Me and My RC Royal Crown Cola

A humble brand with a humble taste of cola established back in 1905!

The Case with Physical Media

Our take in talking about a medium that should, must and will stay, in terms of ownership.

Chiptunes: The Anxiety Reliever

An article that discusses mental health on a section that helps eases it: [Chiptune] music.

Hyperkin Retron Sq HD Gaming Console

A stand-alone console that plays Game Boy games on the big screen!

What it Means to Gamble (Take a Chance)

Taking a step back and briefly talking about what it means to take risks and why.

AJA Cion 4k Cinema Camera

An underappreciated camera that gets appreciated here at KCU Network!

LaCie Porsche Design Mobile Drive (1 TB)

Our first digital hard drive review, trusted by professionals in the industry!

Angry eBay Seller Message

Possibly the most professional three-worded message one can ever receive. How sweet!

All About Garfield Comics

Our reasons for admiring a comic series based on the world's laziest cat.

Basset Hound Befriends Pot Belly Pig

When two adorable animals become friends, it's a recipe for smiling to happen.