The KCU Podcast August 11, 2019 Week 34 recap

THE KCU PODCAST: Week 34 - August 11, 2019 recap

Week 34 covering August 11, 2019 is here! From a new video game review, network company updates, and comments from FOODSOTROS' new podcast, we're back again with updates! Thank you for hanging around and listening!

World Premiere of VIDEOGAMESOTROS: The Podcast!

World Premiere of VIDEOGAMESOTROS: The Podcast

It's the world premiere of VIDEOGAMESOTROS: The Podcast! We open the series talking about games played and defeated, video game movies and Soulja Boi. Thank you very much for listening!

  • Sauce review of Louisiana's Pure Crystal Hot Sauce


    Possibly one of the most humble hot sauce you'll ever get!

  • Food review of Ralph's Macaroni and Cheese


    You must have had a long week. Try this.

  • Handheld Chatter features a chime-in on how nice it would be for Microsoft to release an XBox handheld console!


    Having been discussed occasionally, we chime in on the recommendation of Microsoft releasing a portable, handheld XBox!

  • Skool Replay 2001: Eighth Grade Graduation

    Skool Replay

    Starting off with a replay in 2001: Eighth Grade Graduation at Immaculate Heart of Mary Elementary!


Friday Night Video Gaming featuring the game 'Galaga' for the NES!