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Cayley's Kitchen Beef Pasta

Another one-pot meal that's so easy to prepare, it costs one dollar!

SaVia™ Coco Milk - Coconut Milk Drink with Nata de Coco

You're looking at a perfect, revitalizing alternative to coconut water!

Tribute to "Hello Paradise" Hosted by Joni Ravenna

Praising a long-running, magazine-format, series that aired on public TV for quite some time. Includes one full-episode sample.

The Lost Art of Buying CDs

An honest talk about the time when music wasn't so disposable, and was often acquired in the form of CD, vinyl and/or cassette tapes. Do songs on physical media hold any value?

Where the Future is Headed for Handheld Gaming

Talking about where the future, if there will be, is headed for gaming on handheld consoles. With mobile gaming's convenience, the discussion analyzes the differences and benefits of both.

The Pluses and Minuses of Online Casino Gaming

Sharing and discussing our takes on online casino gaming, in response to its growing development and availability.

The NBA "Bubble": A Look Back

Overview of the NBA season in the "bubble," as well as diucussing its possible peek into the future.

AJA Video Systems Pak Dock

Taking a look at the media dock from AJA. Talk about "built like a tank!"

Apple® Pencil [First Generation] (A1603)

We review our first accessory from Apple®!

How Food Network Judges judge

To Food Network judges, it's okay to be tough, until you eliminate a contestant, then you try to be nice. How cute.

All About Garfield Comics

Our reasons for admiring a comic series based on the world's laziest cat.

Basset Hound Befriends Pot Belly Pig

When two adorable animals become friends, it's a recipe for smiling to happen.